Start Here – Best Resources For Crypto Users

Our goal is to help you become your own boss. To make most out of this growing technology, you need to be equipped with the right set of tools.

Usually, a person spends many weeks or months to get here but since I have been spending time learning everything about Cryptocurrencies, I’m sharing some of the best resources (Wallets, Exchanges, Security tools, Portfolio management) so that you can focus on important things.

Security tools:

Your password is the first line of defense for your security and please stop using the same password everywhere. You are responsible for the security of your wallet and passwords. Since you are into cryptocurrency world, you need to be smart and ahead of hackers. Here are the things that will help.

Password management tool:

  • Dashlane: This helps you generate a new password and saves it automatically. When next time you log in to the site, it automatically fills the username and password. Not only it saves a lot of time, it increases your security like Pentagon (Almost). 🙂 The mobile app is pretty solid and make a habit and start using it from today.
  • MetaCert Chrome add-on: This tool saves you from phishing pages. Absolutely must have!


  • Ledger Nano S: The best way to keep your Bitcoin and 20+ cryptocurrencies safe. They also support ERC coin using MEW. Will share a video guide for the same. If you just started, watch this video playlist to learn everything about Ledger wallet.
  • Coinomi: If you are looking for a mobile wallet, use MyCelium. However, nothing beats the security offered by a hardware wallet.
  • Exodus: Desktop wallet. Use this as the last resort only. Do remember, your desktop and mobile can easily be hacked whereashardware wallet ensures your coins remain safe.

Best Exchanges for Altcoin:

  • Binance: The #1 Altcoin exchange with a great mobile app. Watch this video to learn about their mobile app.
  • Bittrex: Next to Binance and you will find all major cryptocurrencies here.
  • Bibox: Another good exchange which is coming up with many new features.
  • Changelly: Not an exchange but if you want to get any new coin Instantly, this is a great website.

Low cap exchanges:

In this journey, you will find many low cap cryptocurrencies which are priced at <$5 and have a high probability of becoming a winner coin. I can suggest two exchanges for the same

  • Cryptopia : Many low hanging fruits.
  • CoinExchange: This one is new but you will find many newer coins. Which kind of coins? Will tell you in future posts.

Portfolio management tool:

If you really want to be sure that you are making money and not losing it, start using a portfolio management tool. They are free and saves a lot of time to let you see your portfolio diversity and see how much profit have you generated from any particular coin.

Buying/Selling Bitcoins:

  • LocalBitcoins: A P2P website where you can buy/sell Bitcoins directly to other users. Including in cash.
  • If you need to buy Bitcoin using Credit/debit card. This is your site
  • Coinmama: An alternative to CEX
  • CoinBase or Bitstamp: For U.S. users who want to buy using bank account.

For Crypto traders:

  • Bitmex: For future trading with leverage up to 100x
  • Coinigy: For the experienced traders who ❤️ technical analysis.

Other resources: