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When we try to learn something new, the hardest thing is to find a place from where we can pick the most reliable and only high-quality content. I have been a blogger for last 9 years (You should see ShoutMeLoud.com) and later in 2016 I started one of the top crypto community which is going places.

fast forward to 2018 and I realized that I have created a lot of bookmarks and a lot of people in my network ask about “Hey Harsh, how should I get started in crypto” “What are the best resources” and questions like this.

Best Crypto resources is my attempt to curate the best resources for newbies and experienced users. Since the crypto industry is fast evolving, a challenge for me is to keep the resources updated and I will do my best to do exactly the same.

You should bookmark the homepage of Best Crypto Resources and revisit this hand curated resources to see the updated list of exchanges, wallets, tools, ideas.

With this note, I suggest you to start by reading our Start here page.

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