7 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges (2020)

Want to start trading cryptocurrencies? Use only these best cryptocurrency exchanges that offer military-grade security, ease of use, and excellent customer support.

Here is the list for easy access and you can further read to learn more about these world’s top crypto exchanges:

  1. Binance
  2. KuCoin
  3. Bittrex
  4. Bitfinex
  5. Poloniex
  6. Gate.io
  7. Bibox
  8. BitMex

If you’ve heard the word cryptocurrency, then there’s a ninety-nine percent chance of you being familiar with cryptocurrency exchanges too.

Even if you haven’t, I’m sure Bitcoin has definitely called for your attention. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges for the purpose of trading.

Top Cryptocurrency exchanges for trading cryptos:

1. Binance 


If your focus lies in crypto-to-crypto trading, I’d say Binance is the option#1 with which you can go ahead. Binance is ranked as one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

Being natively evolved from China, it offers its features and functionality to traders worldwide. On top of this, it’ll also provide you with impressive offerings along with an extremely low trading fee.

Though the Binance platform hasn’t been too old in the field of exchanges, it has taken over and gained a rapid growth by getting listed in the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges of current times.

Binance also holds a huge selection of altcoins with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether pairing.

The exchange offers its own coin termed as BNB (Binance coin). Being a centralized exchange, you can get decent discounts while conducting trade in their own tokens, i.e. BNB.

Before investing in any exchange, I’m sure you might have concerns about its fee structure.

Well, according to me, Binance is a feasible option in this case as it charges a standard trading fee of only 0.1%. This fee can further be reduced if the payments are conducted in Binance token- BNB.

Moreover, you can register and operate on both web and mobile (Android and iOS) interfaces which are very simple and user-friendly.

Binance also offers Binance lending program, in which you can earn interest on your crypto holding. Watch this video by CoinSutra to learn about Binance lending program:

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2. KuCoin

Similar to Binance, KuCoin holds its roots in China too. Although, after the crackdown, it moved to Hong Kong and started with a sharp growth through its affiliate program. As KuCoin holds the reputation of being an early adopter of cryptos, I’d advice you to use it for long-term holdings. Your long-term HODL plans can lead you to earn good money.

With the KuCoin exchange, you’ll also get an easy, hassle-free experience along with different popular as well as rare cryptocurrencies such as DragonChain, IOTA, etc. If mobile apps are your preference, you can trade on KuCoin easily as it has apps for both Android and iOS. In order to go ahead with trading in KuCoin, you can deposit any crypto initially and start immediately. In terms of fee, KuCoin also takes 0.1% per transaction, half of which can be taken by you through the unique dividend system offered by the exchange.

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3. Bittrex

Bittrex is a US-based crypto exchange platform that allows you to trade in large numbers of trading pairs. You’ll also be able to get all the major cryptocurrencies on the platform including litecoin, darkcoin, and nextcoin. Along with this, it offers Ethereum and Neucoin as well. If you are looking for a platform that offers reliable security, then I’m sure Bittrex is the right choice for you as it offers 2FA and is well-regulated and compliant with the rules of the United States.

Known for handling one of the largest Bitcoin volumes out of all the crypto exchanges globally, Bittrex allows you to decide the trading rates with a service fee of around 0.25%.

Moreover, a lot of your time will be saved as the verification process in Bittrex is pretty fast which allows you to start the trading process without any major halt.

The platform supports two types of accounts namely, Basic and Advanced with withdrawal funds up to 3 BTC/day to 100 BTC/day, respectively.

For registration on Bittrex, all you need to do is just a simple log in through your email ID. However, for the purpose of withdrawing funds, you’ll need to go through the process of KYC and submit your personal details such as ID cards and phone number.

Another noteworthy thing is that Bittrex is a “crypto-only” exchange, thus, it does not allow you to deal in fiat currencies. However, rumors are that Bittrex will add Fiat support in the coming months.

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4. Bitfinex

Need a one-stop shop for all your crypto trading requirements? I’d ask you to place your bet on Bitfinex (BFX). Bitfinex is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to trade conveniently and effectively. Having its headquarters in Hong Kong, Bitfinex has expanded to a great level since its inception in the year 2012. As a reliable source of cryptocurrency, Bitfinex has its daily trading volumes with a net worth of around USD 1 billion.

Being a newbie to the crypto trading world, you might be looking for a platform that’s easy to understand. However, I’ve found BFX to be a highly customizable interface platform which is better suited for users with trading experience as compared to the beginners.

You’ll get almost all popular altcoins and cryptos with the full-spec wallet services of BFX, along with bitcoin. In case you don’t find what you need or are doubtful, you can easily raise support tickets which, on an average, are resolved in a day.

You can select the platform according to your requirements. However, most of the people looking out for an exchange platform to prefer BFX due to the unique features it offers such as margin lending, anonymous trading via OTC services, Automated trading APIs and mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

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5. Poloniex

Poloniex was started in the year 2014 and has become a preferred platform for crypto exchange and trading since then. You might want to pay attention to this US-based platform as it offers more than a hundred cryptocurrencies to its users for trading. According to me, what makes the exchange unique is that it holds the highest volume of Ether as it supports both Ethereum and BTC markets independently.

Similar to Bittrex, Poloniex is also a crypto-only exchange which will allow you to go ahead with your trading by depositing Tether dollars. The fee charges for this crypto exchange depends upon your choice (whether you are a maker or taker) and can be 0.15% to 0.25% accordingly. Traders looking for a variety of altcoins can check Poloniex for their requirements. Although you’ll get an intuitive mobile-friendly website to place your trade, there are no options in terms of mobile applications.

If you are a long-term, professional trader, Poloniex can be suitable for you, but if you’re entering the market as a newbie, it can be a little challenging. I also found a wide range of methodical data-analysis tools, clubbed with charts including precise details which can be helpful for users like you to make informed trade decisions.

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6. Gate.io

A relatively new name to the crypto exchange list is the Gate.io exchange which started its operations in the year 2017. It aims to offer its users with unique coins and hassle-free experience. Moreover, investors can find information related to the coins of their choice as well as market trends on the platform’s website itself. Their website operates in two languages, i.e., English and Chinese.

The platform offers you with good charting, trade history as well as functional order book where you can place orders on your preferred price. As your amount matches with an order of opposite matching, your order will automatically get partially or fully filled. Being a new market player, Gate.io currently allows you to register and create accounts for free. It also allows you minimum exchange fees, i.e., only 0.2%.

Gate.io utilizes both cold storage and hot wallet for storing funds. Client accounts are offered two-factor authentication along with a number of passwords.

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7. Bibox

Founded in the year 2017, Bibox is a new crypto exchange that makes use of encrypted algorithms for aiding optimal crypto trades and transactions. If you’re a novice, you can find a lot of information on Bibox as it serves as a knowledge tool for creating awareness for digital currencies.

On Bibox, you’ll be able to trade only in the form of crypto assets, hence, no space for fiat exchanges. It allows you to trade cryptocurrencies in markets like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, and Dai. According to me, what makes Bibox unique for your choice is its use of smart AI algorithms for ensuring optimal trades. Moreover, you can trade on Bibox with its very own token offering.

In case you do not wish to hold the token, you’ll be charged a small fee of 0.1%. Moreover, for depositing cryptos, you’ll not be charged anything but at the time of withdrawing, you’ll need to pay 1% fee for a minimum withdrawal of USD 15. Overall, Bibox offers an easy to use platform for you with a large array of cryptocurrency assets for trading.

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What Is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

You can’t simply go to a bank and ask for any digital currency. Instead, you’ll need a proper digital platform for making any trade in Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple or as a matter of fact any crypto. After all, that’s the whole point of creating digital currencies. Cryptocurrency exchanges are such online platforms which allow you to exchange a digital currency (cryptocurrency) for another one or even a fiat currency depending upon the type of exchange.

Whether you are a youngster like myself or an experienced lad, the popularity of cryptocurrencies along with their hefty returns will make you curious to try your luck in the markets. However, buying and selling of these digital currencies often brings you to ponder upon questions like- How do I start earning money? Which is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading? Well, if there’s a will, there’s a way. There are many options when it comes to crypto exchanges, all of which have their specific pros and cons.

You do not need to right away choose the first exchange option you see on Google search. Take your time to research as different crypto exchanges available in the market vary from each other in terms of functionality and style of the trading they offer. To save your time, I’ve listed below the different types of exchanges that’ll help you get a better idea:

  1. Traditional Crypto Exchanges: If you see yourself as someone who has enough experience of dealing in the stock markets, traditional crypto exchanges might seem familiar to you. These platforms operate in a similar manner except for the fact that they deal in cryptocurrencies rather than fiat currencies. They also charge a small percentage of the trade in the form of their platform fee. Example- BitMex.

  1. Crypto Brokers: As the name suggests, these platforms allow you to deal in cryptocurrencies according to the price set by the broker. The cost of using these exchanges is slightly higher than traditional exchanges, but they are comparatively easier to use. Example- Coinbase

  1. Trading Platforms (direct): Opposed to the traditional platforms, these trading platforms allow you to conduct exchange in a peer-to-peer manner. They match your selling/buying prices with the orders placed by other users and allow the trade to take place once both amounts match. Example- Gemini

  2. Cryptocurrency Funds:  If you wish to invest in digital assets without making a purchase, I’d say cryptocurrency funds are for you. They allow professionally managed crypto assets to be bought or sold by the public via cryptocurrency funds. 

The market is still flaunting its potential and, therefore, the best advice that I could give you is to find the exchange that works for you and start investing.

Well without further delay, now let’s have a look at the best cryptocurrency exchanges that you can use right now to trade cryptocurrencies:

Over to you: Which is your favorite crypto exchange?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Binance and KuCoin. You should definitely grab some BNB coin which is a native coin of Binance and will help you to save money on trading fees. KCS which is a native coin of KuCoin is another useful coin you should get.

When it comes to trading in cryptos, you’ll get many options for buying and selling your digital assets. However, I believe it is extremely important for you to study, research, and then invest your money in these platforms as exchanges are independent entities and are subject to risks.

In order to keep your crypto investments safe, you can keep your records in a separate hardware wallet and keep a track of your trading stack. Features of some platforms may vary from other platforms and that’s why it is important for you to find the one that matches your needs.

Once you are sure about the exchange that fulfills your requirements, go ahead and trade. However, rest assured that these best cryptocurrency exchanges will help you trade smartly and in a secure environment. Do try mobile apps offered by some of these exchanges. For ex: Binance, KuCoin, Bitfinex.

Happy Investing!